Kathi Wilson is a Christian vocalist that has been touching hearts and lives for close to 40 years. Here, she shares some of her most fulfilling stories of hope and renewal. If you have any questions or inquiries about Kathi’s Christian music, feel free to contact her.

“I am a widow for almost 4 years now and have been in such a dark place! I was so dry when I saw your FB ad and when I went to it and heard the music the Holy Spirit has given you, I fell on my face and worshiped the Lord in a way I have not in so many years. Thank you for being willing to share the gifts the Lord has blessed us all with!”
“What a masterpiece… It was so soothing to listen to your voice and the girls singing beautifully to such heartfelt and moving lyrics. I loved each and every song. I will definitely include it as part of my healing program.”
“Kathi, still being blessed with peace and healing by your music and the grace of God! My 4 yr. old grandson now sings to “Mighty Rushing Breath of God” when I put him to bed at night! It is the most precious thing!!!! It’s his fave song! I will be ordering more cd’s for my friends soon! God Bless you and your ministry!”
“I believe you and your daughters have such an Annointing of the Spirit of God that I felt so at peace and cleansed. I closed my eyes and felt the Spirit of God of God hovering over me. Thank you for enriching my life through your psalms.”
“The music touched my soul that is so damaged and needs healing so badly. The album cover spoke to me, I want to feel like an eagle flying with God as I have felt before. God bless you for this wonderful music and sharing it with others.”
“This brought me to my knees and I repented…I feel the Holy Ghost all around me again. Bless you and your daughters in all that you do. I am 51 and live in pain 24-7. My pain went from 7 to 3 from hearing this. I didn’t think I could go on – I am taking care of my 12 yr. Grandson…thank you so much. Words can’t tell how much you guys have helped this hurting soul…”
“Wow! Praise the Lord! Your angelic voices is a soak and is taking away my fears. Burdens are being lifted. Sweet Holy Hymns. Thank you so much! Lord Bless you!”
“I bought the cd and it is restoring my soul!!!!!”
“I cannot even begin to tell you how it affected me, mind, body, and soul…It was like her music washed over me taking the pain away temporarily, physically and emotionally to a different dimension. It is so hard to put into words how it affected me.”
“I have been blessed by your CD. It came at the right time when I needed it most. I have a 12-year old song with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. He gets blessed when he hears it. I really feel it ministers to him in a great way! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord.”
“The reality of ****’s death seems to seep into my soul a little more with each passing day… I have played the CD over and over. Thank you for sending it to me. The songs have become my prayers…. God is restoring and comforting.”
“Thank you…is all I can say…Blessings…I have been going through deep spiritual difficulties for many years…I have lost my way…your music brings healing and feeds my starving soul. blessings; oh yes in sweet desperation I cry ABBA! Oh Holy one I so long for you…”
“I have no idea how I found you, but I know that it was what I was in need of. Your music has such a healing sound. Thank you and God bless you!”
“Thank you for the cd! I have been listening to it most of the evening. My autistic 10 yr. old granddaughter fell asleep listening to it. It is very relaxing but full of the message. Thanks again!”
“I appreciate your music and message so much…I am going thru a very tough—seeemingly impossible time, right now.”
“I love AM UNDONE!!!! It ministers to where I AM!!!!! Reminds me no matter what WHOSE I AM is the most important. When I am well I will be painting to this music.”
“Your music is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your gift! It is healing me of a lot of brokenness :/ Praise the Lord!!! God bless you and your family.”
“I listen to your cd every night, all night, and I have perfect peace. ” Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.”
“Thank you for your music. It brings healing to a troubled soul, and a longing heart.”
“People need to buy this instead of pills. I am not a pill popper but I am one that will put in a CD……esp. when Holy One leads me to do so. No putting it off. Just quick obedience. I play this CD all the time, day and night! Thank you for being a clear pipe for Holy One to POUR thru to others. It is like a fountain flowing over the one hearing it.”
“May the Lord open many doors where many can hear this anointed music and experience His presence, healing and purpose…”
“I Love your music it is sooo soothing and full of peace and healing and comfort, just what I need.”
“Healing, humble, love songs to God…I love them all! He has blessed you all with a wonderful ministry to others. I will share!”
“I have been so very blessed by this music. it has helped to heal my weary & troubled heart.”
“I ordered your CD last week and it came in just a couple of days! I want you to know that I just love it and it has brought me a very healing peaceful closeness to God. I just wanted to thank you and tell you I can’t wait for your next CD.”
“Thank you, Kathi for such inspiring, encouraging and healing music.”
“The CDs arrived in the mail yesterday!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much. Have been enjoying the Heavenly Music, and my sister loved it also. Blessings to you all ! i’ve told so many about Kathi’s testimony and songs.all i can say is There is definately a healing anointing that comes across.”

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