His Mosaic Healing Ministry

 The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy;

          I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.  

                                                                                              – Jesus-


There’s not one person on the planet who doesn’t have a story to tell. We all have one but many of us have never actually discerned how our story has made us who we are. Instead, we live in brokenness — marked by trauma, defined by mistakes, tethered to grief and unsure of how to find our way into the abundant life Jesus promised. We need breakthrough but we don’t know how to get through to the life we long for!


If not for my journey through my own brokenness and engaging fully in the healing process, I simply wouldn’t be who I am today — His Mosaic. I discovered that the broken pieces of my fragmented life are not only useful to Him but essential in revealing His goodness to the world around me! His light shines through the mosaic of my life and I have nothing to hide! This is freedom. This is wholeness.


One of my great joys is helping others who are in need of healing, direction and peace, whether it be through my friendship, my music or my ministry. I feel that my life’s path has fashioned an effectiveness in what I have come to call “relational ministry” — through active listening, compassionate discernment and gentle mothering and mentoring. If there is any way I can help someone come into a healthier place or to discover their destiny or to enter into the sweet rest that we are all invited into — I want to be of assistance!


I’m grateful for the affirmations of precious souls I have had the privilege to walk with, share with and minister to over the past many years. Their words endorse what I believe I am called to do. Please read their testimonies, hear their hearts and learn what they’ve experienced in their relationship with me:




“I have known Kathi for over 10 years. I first met her at my college campus, and she immediately became a source of encouragement and guidance to me through my chronic struggles with mental illness. Most recently, God breathed on a time we spent together talking in her kitchen. Kathi helped me uncover some deep roots to my emotional struggles. She then spoke into those places, giving me practical wisdom of how I could walk out this new revelation about myself and others in my life. Since that time, God has been ordering my steps toward healing and breakthrough! Kathi ministers with great compassion, discernment, and wisdom. She is a safe place to open up, explore issues, and take them to the Lord. Kathi’s ministry goes beyond my clinical training in counseling and takes you to a place of practical heart revelation. Kathi also ministers through music and singing. I can’t count the times her music has helped me through times of grief, depression, and despair. In addition, she sings her original and prophetic songs over you, unlocking places of your heart. Kathi has a unique gift to connect people with their heart and find specific strategies to move toward healing and growth in the Lord. I am grateful for her faithful ministry and friendship that has brought much fruit in my life.”     Marie L.


“Eleven years ago the Lord sent Kathi into my life as an agent of His healing Love for my wounded heart. I had never met anyone who was able to create such a safe environment for me to confess my sins, hurts, fears and failures. Through relationship with Kathi I began little by little, to find courage to enter into my Father’s healing embrace. Hurts began to wash away. I gradually came to a new understanding of wounds from my childhood and began to enter into the Truth that I am not the unwanted, shameful orphan I had believed myself to be for so many years. Kathi is uniquely gifted at succinctly articulating the jumbled labyrinth of the heart’s reeling emotions. This is such an immense stepping stone to healing! Over these eleven years I have also had the great privilege to watch Kathi walk through her own trials, disappointments, and physical difficulties. She is the real deal! I have watched her love her enemies, offer deep forgiveness, and walk in true joy in some very dark valleys. I am honored to know her as a mother, a mentor, and a friend.”     Soleil B.


“Kathi has been a friend for years but it wasn’t until I had a time of deep heartache, betrayal and emotional devastation that I really saw her gifts in mercy in their fullness as she willingly sat with me in my pain. I felt safe that there was understanding, grace, peace and full acceptance, regardless of the topics being talked about. She was able to speak prophetically into my situation in practical ways that brought God’s encouragement, comfort and healing. Her understanding of the grief process, how to work with it and how it affects other areas of life helped rebuild my heart and get me back to my feet. I am in a far better place as a result of her compassion and ministry.”     Doug H.


“Kathi has been an impactful part of my life for at least 10 years now. Several of the most impactful and lasting personal revelations and lessons have come in my times with Kathi. She was the first person to give me permission to feel anger, hurt, and injustice over my deep wounds. She was the first person I felt safe enough with to admit the truth of my past. Kathi has literally walked moment-to-moment with me as I’ve faced some of my darkest moments. She makes room for my emotions and honors them; and she stands firmly on my side in the wrongs that were done to me. It has been a truly amazing gift. I experience Kathi as gentle, soothing, fierce, protective, discerning, a teacher, and a bringer of wisdom to my life. It is my joy to learn from her, to sit under the anointing of her psalmist heart, to laugh with her and to cry so much I can’t breathe through my nose! : )But seriously, I would, and have recommended Kathi to people I care about. I trust her. She cares about people and especially the brokenhearted. She has walked through so much in her own life and I believe it is because the Lord has brought her to a place of victory and freedom that she is able to partner with the Lord to bring others into victory and freedom.”     Katherine R.



If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to contact me to set up a special time of ministry! I would be delighted to hear your story and help you to explore your broken places, so God can reveal, restore and heal those places for His purposes!