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CD Cover ArtRags to Righteousness

It was Christmastime and I was thinking about the idea of Jesus in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes. It occurred to me that those clothes were, no doubt, rags. As I pondered this thought, I was reminded of the scripture Isaiah 64:6 that refers to our righteous acts being like “filthy rags” before God. Carried by this image, I began to write and the song, Rags to Righteousness was born. I am particularly fond of the image of Mary nursing baby Jesus the very first time and how incredibly profound that moment must have been for her. Merry Christmas, one and all…

CD Cover ArtPainter of the Heavens

This song explores the ways we see and hear, stretching us to understand the ‘more’ that we are continually flooded with but sometimes fail to take in. Our eyes naturally see, but when we look at a picture, does it not speak to us? Our ears naturally hear, but while listening to a song, do we not sometimes see a picture in your mind’s eye that’s inspired by the melody? The things we see and the sounds we hear communicate to us in many ways, despite the fact that we don’t always take note of it.


All of creation shouts, whether through color or movement or design, the glory of God. Because He loves us so, God is always communicating with us. So with the coming of each new sunrise, of course He is inviting us into His new mercies! I want to know Him more, don’t you? (Psalm 19:1–6)

CD Cover ArtWe’re All Invited

I am convinced that we are surrounded by His song. It could be a warm breeze blowing through the trees or the the quiet cooing of a lovesick bird or the dance of death of the falling leaves. Surely He is singing and dancing over us with great joy!


This song invites us to listen to Creation and enter into the songs we hear all around us. (Zephaniah 3:17, Isaiah 55:12 )

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Newly Released Singles

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