Kathi’s Music in Videos

This video is the fruit of Kathi Wilson, Priscilla Williams and Christine and Sodapop Jeanville working together to express the spiritual theme of the preparation of the Bride of Christ.


Christine and Sodapop Jeanville live in France and are co-founders of an international ministry called Machol Danser La Vie Ministries.They are both professional dancers and choreographers who travel the world together promoting a culture of Life, of Rest and of Movement, through music, song, fine art, multi-media and dance.


Kathi Wilson recorded the song “Painter of the Heavens” prior to their arrival in the states and it was used as the audio canvas on which the video was set.


Christine and Sodapo met Priscilla Williams, founder of Glory Gazing Ministries in Jerusalem and over the years have forged a deep friendship with her.


“The Bride in the River of Life” video is a collection of the many different experiences they enjoyed during their month-long visit here in the United States in 2013, when they traveled throughout Lancaster County intentionally sowing into the “France-USA reconciliation” mission they had felt compelled to enter into.