Kathi’s Soaking Music

How a Psalmist Captures Verse and Song

Most often I get the words first and then take them to the piano to discover their melody, but on several occasions, the music has preceded the words, and I discovered the lyrics at the piano. Often, while spending time listening in the quiet of my room, I hear phrases within me that I know are not my own. When this happens, I lean in, listen and record whatever is on His heart.


I’m persuaded that the Lord loves to sing over us, and it’s one of my greatest privileges to be able to convey His heart to others through soaking music. There is so much noise and distraction in our lives, so it is a very sweet gift to be reminded of His affections and commitment to all that is important to us. It is said that repentance is changing the way that we think. So often the lies that crowd our thoughts need to be canceled out and songs of His affection do just that! They re-establish our value and cause our roots to grow deeper into the soil of His love. Being perfected in the love of God is essential for growing and becoming all that He’s designed us to be.


There are a variety of ways that I come to create my soaking music and songs. Sometimes a song is born as an expression of gratitude. It erupts in my spirit, and I hurry to get out a pen and paper to write down the thoughts flooding my mind. Other times it is more like a birthing, and something of a revelation comes forth out of the challenges that I may be facing. Those songs most often come in waves, and once they are completed, it is a great relief. As a Christian songwriter, there have been times when I have been given the assignment to write a song about something specific, and those tend to be a lovely combination of inspiration and crafting. When in my darkest seasons, the songs that come forth are raw, honest heart cries that ask the hard questions and beseech God’s response. I’d say those are songs of deliverance, as far as I understand. I’ve also discovered that I feel more fluent singing a prayer than speaking a prayer, so many of my songs are prayers that I hope to offer a vehicle for others to cry out likewise.


Phrases are often what ignite soaking music and songs within me. Like a beautiful butterfly floating on the breeze, the words flow around inside of me until I capture the song. I also have many songs that were forged in the Gateway House of Prayer in Ephrata Pennsylvania which I’d call songs of intercession. They’re war songs, declarations of truth, and cries for His kingdom to be established on the earth. They feel like anthems that are meant to be sung corporately to change the atmosphere. I really hope that someday I can teach a crowd of people these songs and we can declare them with all that is within us!


All in all, I am extremely honored that God made me a Psalmist and that I have the great pleasure of being a Christian songwriter. Many years ago I asked the Lord to give me songs of healing that would be able to go into the deep places of people’s hearts and heal the scars and trauma that I know only Holy Spirit can touch. If I have any ambition at all, it is to be an expression of His healing to the many hurting souls in our world.


One more thing…I have to admit that I have written one country love song. I didn’t realize it when the words were flooding me but when it was all said and done it was clearly a song to be sung with cowboy boots on! I wrote “White Linen Pants” for my husband, Paul, as a wedding gift. I had the supreme joy of singing it to him for the first time in front of our family and friends gathered that day. If you have any interest in seeing the video of that special day, here is a link to the video.