Merry Christmas, dear ones…

Our Thanksgiving this year had to be rescheduled due to illness in the family. Once I realized that I had a completely unexpected, unscheduled day, I decided to watch Hallmark movies and wrap Christmas presents. I know, I know, Hallmark movies are sappy, but I still enjoy them!


Hallmark brings to mind greeting cards, right? We often include a card with a gift but if we don’t have a gift, the least we do is give a card. The card expresses our thanks or condolences or congratulations or encouragement to the person we’re giving it to. And after that person reads the card it either gets put on the refrigerator, on a shelf, in a drawer or in the trash. Regardless, our hope is that the sentiments in our card express something of our heart to the person receiving it.


Well, that’s what I want to touch on here. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the price of cards has skyrocketed — it’s not unusual to find cards that are $3.99 or even as high as $6.99. Greeting cards are getting fancier and fancier and some even sing to you!


So, this is my thought…what if rather than sending a card to your family and friends to reach out to them, instead you send a song? Everyone has an email these days, so there’s no cost to send one. And to download a song of mine is only $0.99! Why not share the music and reach out to those you care about with a way to draw closer to the Lord in their time of need?


When people go through difficult times, sometimes they unintentionally shut down their heart. They don’t mean to distance themselves from God, but it happens. It’s easy to blame God or feel like He isn’t ‘for’ us when tough things happen. Actually, it is the time we most need to feel connected to Him, so I want to suggest that you consider sending encouragement to your loved ones through song. I’d imagine that they will listen to it more than once if it hits their heart where they’re hurting. Anyway, please consider, ok?


I just recorded a new Christmas song that I’m excited to share with you all! During the month of December, I’d like to give each person who signs up to “Receive Kathi’s Latest News” a free download of my latest song. I hope you like “Rags to Righteousness” and Merry Christmas to you all!!

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