Piece By Piece

Piece by piece. That’s how it’s done. My fractured world that broke into seemingly unsalvageable pieces five years ago has been lovingly restored, piece by piece.


There was no fast track offered. No escape hatch from all the grief and sadness. But the Man of Sorrows, who is well-acquainted with grief, took my hand and led me through. And, yes, even though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death – the death of my marriage – Jesus was undeniably ‘with’ me. God is with us, of this I am certain.


Everyone has a tale to tell. This was not the story I would have chosen, but it is legitimately mine. I will not need to muster up emotion to create more impact upon my readers. The phrases of my journey have been forged in real life and have been carefully distilled in quiet waiting and time-tested trust.


It’s taken years and countless tears to come to peace about publicly sharing the heart wrenching story of my world falling apart and the completely heart-healing restoration of my broken life. Jesus did it. Piece by piece.

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