He Became My Captain

I don’t think I’ve ever felt His nearness more than I did those first few mornings, after realizing that my marriage was in serious trouble. I was maneuvering waters I did not have a compass for.


No, I take that back. My compass was faulty. What was happening violently shook my world because I literally had no idea how off course we were. I had been depending on an inaccurate navigational instrument. And I was clueless how to captain my thoughts, let alone make decisions on how to move forward. I was lost.


Morning by morning, I was awoken by His whispers. I’m serious. It was like He would literally hover over me to gently prepare me for the shock of waking up to the train wreck my life had been reduced to. His Words over my mind and soul tenderly aligned my scattered thoughts, and His deeply kind tone of voice carefully comforted my shattered heart. And in the quiet of my spirit, He rightfully took His place as my Captain and King.


I would record every phrase I could capture onto my phone and ponder it throughout my day. His Words became my lighthouse a midst the angry waves of chaos and confusion. His presence became my Anchor. And trusting Him was my only option.

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