Chance Meeting with a Golden Eagle

I had an amazing experience in March 2016 that I continue to marveling over. It seems right to share with you because what happened felt uncommonly profound to me.


I was driving along a back road near Fenwick Island, Delaware en route to retrieve my husband from his golfing adventure. Seemingly out of nowhere, this gigantic bird landed on the road about a hundred yards in front of me! Immediately, I began braking as I got as close as I could to this gold and black streaked monster of a bird (that was taller than my grandson)! My heart was pumping with excitement and wonder. Never in my life have I seen such a majestic creature up close and personal like that!


My mind rushed to identify what it was. Pushing past my first thought of it being in the same family as a Bald Eagle, I quickly concluded that it was a Golden Eagle. The only other time I’ve ever seen one was in a Disney movie called ‘Rescuers Down Under.’ The cartoon Golden Eagle in the film was the main character’s live airplane, and it emanated quiet wisdom, utter power and sure protectiveness.


No sooner had I nailed down what breed of bird I was looking at that it turned and took flight, overshadowing my entire windshield with its wingspan. I jumped out of my car to get a better view of its magnificent ascension. Good Lord, it was a sight to behold! I was left breathless and felt incredibly privileged to have had the rare pleasure of witnessing such glorious beauty and strength in flight.


I try to never take anything for granted, so I had to ponder the probability of such a wonderful thing happening to me. It took place so fast there was no time to pull out my phone and take a picture. Instead, I focused my mind on the visual recollection of this chance meeting and committed those few seconds of wonder to memory.


A Golden Eagle met me on the road and somehow I feel marked by those very few moments. I am listening. I am seeking. God, grant me grace to hear You speaking…

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